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Allied Piano & Finish Supplies

Serving the Piano & Finish Trade since 1970
PDF Instruction, Technical Application and Safety Data Sheets are available, when applicable, under product details.
Pro Sandpaper
& Steel Wool
Menzerna Polish & CompoundMenzerna Polish & Compound
Liquid • Paste • Solid Bar
Acrylic EnamelAcrylic Enamel
Enamel Topcoat
Preval Spray System
Piano Pinblock PlugsPiano Pinblock Plugs
Maple • Delignit
Drill Bit Cooler
Power Buffing ToolsPower Buffing Tools
Polisher • Buffing
Wheels & Pads
Wood RebuilderWood Rebuilder
Regular Kit (1/2 Pint)
Large Kit (Quart)
Furniture Finish BooksFurniture Finish Books
The Furniture Bible
Polyester Repair Manual
Training SeminarsTraining Seminars
Polyester • Touch-Up
Piano Service • Dampp-Chaser