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Carbon & Soot Destroyer

Cory Fire-Clean Carbon & Soot Destroyer

Eliminate Smoke Damaging Odors

Cory Fire-Clean Carbon & Soot Destroyer is a professional strength, odor control formulation used to eliminate smoke damaging odors. Highly concentrated, Carbon & Soot Destroyer is added to hot water for bucket washing. May also use in spray form to penetrate tight areas. Use to clean beams, underside/back of soundboard, pedal boards, lyres, trapwork and case parts. Carbon & Soot Destroyer is the perfect cleaner/counteractant once loose smoke odor bearing particles are removed (dry cleaning). This remarkable product cleans as it detoxifies and is Eco-friendly. Screws, hardware & pedals may be soaked in the water/Destroyer solution for complete odor removal. Once dried, use Cory Fire-Clean Micro Shine for polishing hardware. Suggested mixing ratios printed on back of label.

PDF Downloads:  Safety Data Sheet