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Watering Can with Reducer

Dampp-Chaser - Watering Can with Reducer

Watering Can with Reducer

Item #: Dampp-Chaser - DC Watering Can w Reducer - PN: 72611

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The Piano Life Saver Water can is specially molded and sized to best refill and maintain your Piano Life Saver System. Because it is important to add the proper amount of water to your System each time the yellow light signals the need, this watering can is made of translucent HDPE plastic, so you can see when the water level matches the red "Fill Line" on the can. The spout size is designed to prevent splash in the humidifier during water addition, as well as providing tip strength, preventing collapse. The handle is located for easy balance, and does not obstruct the fill hole.

The special adapter allows this new-style Watering Can to be used with older Piano Life Saver Systems.

Choose this Watering Can with Adapter for systems manufactured prior to 2004. For use with a watering tube measuring 5/16" inside diameter and 7/16" outside diameter. Choose the Universal Watering Can for systems manufactured in 2004 or later.
Sale Price: $33.00