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Individual Sticks

Hard Wax Filler

Individual Sticks
8 cm (3.1") Sticks
Item #: Konig - KO 141-IND-###
Superior Replacement For Old Burn-in Style
A durable blend developed to repair many types of damage, from minor to the most severe scratches, gouges, and other defects. This easy-to-use material may be used to repair damage in high traffic areas, on flat or contoured surfaces, and edges. Our innovative process allows you to mix the wax colors together while melting the Hard Wax into the damage using the Hot Knife. Leveling is simplified by using the Special Applicator or the Special Scraper. Don’t worry about affecting the finished surface when melting the Hard Wax, the Hot Knife never makes contact with the finish. After the repair is completed, seal with a clear lacquer. For interior use only.
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