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Corner Repair


Step 1

This crushed corner was repaired as follows: Prepare damaged area by removing loose particles and dirt.

Products required:

Step 2

Make a shaping mold with two sides and a bottom, using scrap wood or tile, or some other reliably straight material, and Super Glue.

Product recommended:

Step 3

Spray the shaping mold with a Mold Release Agent.

Product recommended:

Step 4

Mix Wood Rebuilder to a medium consistency, and press the mixture into the damaged wood fiber, completely filling the interior. Do this prior to using the shaping mold.

Product required:

Step 5

Press the shaping mold onto the damaged corner. Add Wood Rebuilder to slightly overfill the entire repair area. Allow to harden for about 15-20 minutes. This is a rough estimate, based on the medium viscosity.


Step 6

Test the fill. The ideal time to work it is when it can be shaved in thin layers with a knife or sharp chisel, or Konig's Edge Planer or Special Scraper. Once it is completely cured it is very, very hard. If too soft, it will stick to your tools and interfere with the curing process.

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Step 7

Remove excess Wood Rebuilder, then finish shaping with a rasp or sandpaper.

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Step 8

The repair should be formed and smooth to the surrounding surface. Ready to be over coated with color.


Step 9

Spray with a Semi-Covering Lacquer (wood veneer) or Covering Lacquer (painted surface).

Products required:

Step 10

Topcoat with Special Repair Lacquer to match the sheen to the original finish.

Repair Complete. This entire process took about 40 minutes!

Products required: