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Premier Products Designed To Properly Repair These Beautiful Finishes

Exclusive Distributor of Konig High-Gloss Polyester Repair Products

Color Tips and Tricks:   Black/Ebony   White/Ivory   Clear/Wood
PDF Instruction, Technical Application and Safety Data Sheets are available, when applicable, under product details.
Polyester Service KitsPolyester Service Kits
Basic • Intermediate • Advanced
Special Polyester LacquerSpecial Polyester Lacquer
100 ml • Pint • Quart • Hardener
Polyester Repair ColorsPolyester Repair Colors
Dyes • Pigments • Paint Box
QuikWood Epoxy PuttyQuikWood Epoxy Putty
Wood Repair Stick
Rex-Lith Gel FillerRex-Lith Gel Filler
Ideal for Corners and Deep Damage
Polyester Tools & AccessoriesPolyester Tools & Accessories
Highest Quality to Simplify Repair
Acrylic EnamelAcrylic Enamel
Enamel Topcoat
Preval Spray System