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QuikWood Epoxy Putty

QuikWood Epoxy Putty
Ultimate solution for wood repairs • Easy-to-use and mistake-proof • Bonds instantly with superior strength

2 oz. 7" Sticks • As low as $6.95 with the purchase of 5 or more (any variety)

A hand-kneadable, fast-setting polymer compound for permanent repairs to wood. It comes in a handy "Tootsie-roll®" form with the curing agent in the center of the stick. QuikWood is not intended for structural applications.

QuikWood is available in five different shades: Original Natural for pale, unfinished wood; Fast-Cure Pine for yellow-toned wood, Dark (Mahogany) for dark-toned woods, White and Black.

After 60 minutes the application can be drilled, tapped, sawed, sanded, filed, painted, and stained. Suitable for interior or exterior use, it is resistant to chemicals, water, and temperature extremes. It won't shrink, rot or pull away. The unused portion stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package.
QuickWood Epoxy Putty - Natural
QuickWood Epoxy Putty - Pine
QuickWood Epoxy Putty - Dark
QuickWood Epoxy Putty - Black
QuickWood Epoxy Putty - White
QuickWood Epoxy Putty - Assortment 5-Pack