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Special Polyester Lacquer

Finest Polyester Repair Lacquer and Procedures Available ... Period!

Fill dents and scratches in high gloss polyester finishes on pianos and furniture. This German polyester is designed to set up in an hour and has a shelf life that makes it last for many months. You reap the savings in time and money.

For corners, vertical surfaces, and deeper damage, we recommend Rex-Lith Gel Filler.

Hardener Sold Separately
Purchase Guide: 100 ml Tube = 10 gr • Pint Can = 50 gr • Quart Can = 50 gr x 2
Regulated as Hazardous Material - Must Ship UPS Ground or Air **
Ground to the contiguous U.S. and Canada. Air required for Alaska, Hawaii, PR, and other outlying areas.
** Air: A 'Dangerous Goods' surcharge of $50.00 is required above shipping fees. Contact Us for info.
Special Polyester Lacquer - 100 ml Tube
Special Polyester Lacquer - Pint Can
Special Polyester Lacquer - Quart Can
Special Polyester Lacquer - Hardener - 10 gr
Special Polyester Lacquer - Hardener - 50 gr