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Touch-up Filler

Fillers for various types of damage to nearly any surface

All filler colors can be intermixed within product groups. Easily leveled with the Special Applicator, Combination Planer or Metal Planer. Suitable for any surface of wood and plastic, indoor use and partly for outdoor use. Overcoat with any Premium Aerosol lacquer.
Quick FillerQuick Filler
Minor Damage • Nail Holes • Fine Scratches
Soft WaxSoft Wax
Light-Duty Surface Scratches • Marks
Hard WaxHard Wax
Severe Scratches • Gouges • Defects
Hard Wax PlusHard Wax Plus
Flooring • Cabinets • Countertops
Ceramic FillerCeramic Filler
Tiles • Ceramics
Effect WaxEffect Wax
Reflection for Multi Patterned Grain