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Konig Application Tips


Furniture Surfaces

Pressure Marks

Color Shade Adjustment

Fine Scratches

Color Edges

Damaged Edges 1

Damaged Edges 2

Scratches in Effect Surface

Scratches on Matt Surfaces

Laminate - Abrasions

Abrasions / Fine Scratches

Cracked Fitting Holes

Scratches on High Gloss Surface

Hole in Black Polyester Finish

Product and Tools

Butane Hot Knife

Liquid Sandpaper

Special Filler Applicator

Special Repair Lacquer

Special Scraper

Refill Color and Dye Pens

Flooring and Stairs

Fine Scratches


Pressure Marks in Real Wood Surface

Deep Scratches & Holes in Parquet

Deep Scratches & Holes in Linoleum

Holes & Deep Scratches

Deep Scratches & Holes

Ceramics, Tiles and Countertops

Drill Hole in a Tile

Hard Countertop Surface Scratch
(Granite - Stone - Quartz)

Soft Countertop Surface Abrasion
(Laminate - Plastic)

Windows and Doors

Inaccurate Drill Holes PVC / Aluminum

Fine Scratches on PVC / Plastic

Small Damaged Edges

Deep Scratches PVC / Fiberglass