Wood Rebuilder

Amazing and Popular Furniture Damage and Deep Gouge Repair

LakeOne Wood Rebuilder has unique properties which give you repair options you could only dream of before. It does not shrink or crack, or stick when in contact with wax or varnish. It can be planed, sculpted, stained, filed, drilled, or painted exactly like wood. Works indoors as well as outdoors.

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Regulated as Hazardous Material - Must Ship UPS Ground
UPS Ground to the contiguous U.S. (48 States) and Canada. UPS Air is not permitted for the Kits and Large Powder; UPS Air is permitted for the Large Resin but a 'Dangerous Goods' surcharge will be required above shipping fees at checkout, Contact Us for info.
Wood Rebuilder - Small - 75 ml Kit
Wood Rebuilder - Medium - 250 ml Kit
Wood Rebuilder - Large - Liter Kit
Wood Rebuilder - Large - Resin
Wood Rebuilder - Large - Powder