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Wood Rebuilder Information

Here’s How It Works ...

A polyester resin (NOT epoxy) is blended with powdered wood. The catalyst is contained in the powder. This makes it easy to alter the mixture by using more or less of the powder.

•  It behaves like real wood, and is self-bonding (even to end grain), so no nails, screws or glue are required. And, it drills just like hardwood.

•  The two parts can be mixed in varying proportions, giving you many options for its use.

•  Set-up time can be adjusted by using more or less powder (catalyst).

•  The desired viscosity makes it possible to have a thin, medium or thick mixture, all of which will harden to the same durable finished product.

•  We recommend mixing a batch or two prior to using on a project, to familiarize yourself with the set-up times at different viscosities.